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Comprehensive School Health in Alberta Public School Boards

🌟 Elevate Your School Division’s Wellness with ExecRN! 🌟

🏢 Is your public school jurisdiction in need of a holistic health and wellness partner? Look no further than ExecRN! 🏢

🌿 Unlock the Power of Comprehensive School Health:

· Boost engagement and morale

· Reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs

· Enhance teamwork and job satisfaction

👩‍⚕️ Why Choose ExecRN?

· Expert Registered Nurse and Certified Disability Management Professional at your service

· Tailored corporate wellness programs

· Data-driven insights for impactful results

🤝 ExecRN Services Include:

· Assistance with complex employee medical leave files and return to work accommodations

· Review of current policy, procedures, practices supporting Comprehensive School Health

· Customized gap analysis identifying areas of strength and recommendations for improvement

· In-person or virtual education sessions for systems level leaders

📈 Join us to experience the ExecRN difference and see your team thrive! 📈

💼 Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how ExecRN can be your trusted partner in promoting health and wellness within your school board. 💼

📞 Call 403-548-4987 or 📧 Email or 🌐 Visit us at

Invest in your team's well-being with ExecRN, because healthier employees means a stronger education system supporting our future! 💪🏛️

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