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Corporate Health and Wellness 


Legal Nurse Consulting

Professional Services

Discover a comprehensive suite of services at ExecRN, where we specialize in Corporate Health and Wellness Consulting, Individual Claim Review and Advocacy, and Legal Nurse Consulting. 

Corporate Health and Wellness Consulting

ExecRN offers your business the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage complex employee medical leaves, reduce absenteeism, create and promote employee wellness programming, and invest in your greatest assets - your people! With extensive experience serving public-sector employers in industries such as health care, education, and law enforcement, ExecRN understands the complexities of navigating heavily unionized environments, regulated and unregulated professions, and the intricacies of privacy legislation, human rights legislation, accommodation law, labour law, and collective bargaining agreements. With ExecRN, you can be assured that fair process occurs at all stages of the consulting process. 

Corporate Services Include:

  • Corporate Health and Wellness Policy and Program Development

  • Disability Management Consultation Services, non-occupational and WCB

    • Sick Leave

    • ​​Short-term Disability

    • Long-term Disability

    • Permanent Disability 

  •  Tailored Education Sessions for Leadership and Human Resource Professionals

  •  Return to Work Plans and Progress Reporting

  •  Workplace Accommodation Consultation and Coordination

  •  Functional Capacity Evaluation Referrals

  •  Independent Medical Examination Referrals 

  •  Ergonomic Assessment Referrals

  •  Occupational Therapist Referrals

  •  Vocational Rehabilitation Referrals

  •  Grievance and Arbitration Preparation and Support

  •  Psychological Health and Safety Policy and Program Development

  •  Data Analysis and Recommendations


Individual Consultation Services for Disability and WCB Claims
ExecRN specializes in providing expert consultation services for individuals facing declined disability or Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) claims. We are here to guide you through the complexities of the appeals process, ensuring you receive the support and representation you deserve.

Individual Services Include:

  • Claim Review: Our initial step involves a comprehensive review of your declined disability or WCB claim. We meticulously analyze all relevant documentation, including medical records, injury reports, and correspondence with insurance providers or WCB representatives.

  • Strategy Development: After assessing the details of your case, we collaborate with you to develop a tailored strategy for the appeals process. Our goal is to identify key strengths and weaknesses in your claim and devise a plan to maximize your chances of success.

  • Appeals Assistance: As experienced an consultant, ExecRN provides hands-on support throughout the appeals process. Whether it involves preparing written submissions, gathering additional evidence, or representing you at hearings, we are committed to advocating for your rights every step of the way.

  • Communication Liaison: We act as a liaison between you and relevant parties, including insurance companies, WCB representatives, medical professionals, and legal advisors. Our goal is to ensure clear and effective communication to facilitate a smoother appeals process

​Legal Consultation Services
Are you a lawyer looking for a Registered Nurse with the ability to write an expert witness statement on the nursing standards of care? Look no further. ExecRN has over a decade of experience in a variety of health care settings, including:

  • Disability Claims and WCB 

  • Acute Care Float Pool

  • Maternal Child Postpartum

  • Lactation Consulting

  • Prenatal Clinics

  • Day Surgery

  • Pre-Admission Clinic

  • Chronic Pain Management

  • Long Term Care

  • Vaccination Clinics

  • Home Care Services

**Disclaimer:** ExecRN provides consultation services and does not offer legal representation. While we strive to provide accurate and timely advice, we recommend seeking legal counsel for specific legal matters related to your claim. We cannot guarantee a successful appeal.

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